• How it works

  • Price API extracts data from specific websites - we call sources - for you in real-time. For a source to be available in Price API, our scraping experts need to build and maintain a piece of software. We focus on big retailers like Amazon, price comparison sites like Google Shopping and marketplaces like eBay to give you a great coverage of most markets.

    We offer a web application that you can use to request fresh data from Price API, so you do not have to build anything. You can import the data in Excel, for example, and analyze your competitors or update your pricing.

    However, if you want to build something, Price API offers a simple, yet powerful technical interface. Using this, you can connect Price API to your systems or develop a new system based on Price API for many use cases, including competitive repricing.

  • How Price API works

    For technical details on how to integrate, see the API reference.