• Check price & product data of competitors

  • Price API offers your company fresh e-commerce market data that you can use to base decisions and automate workflows on. Are you revising your pricing strategy? Use our data to analyze market and competitors. Do you want to implement your pricing strategy? Use our market data to determine the current competitive situation and compute your optimal price in this very moment.

What information does Price API give you?

  • Price API collects information from big retailers like Amazon, price comparison sites like Google Shopping and marketplaces like eBay. Data like:

    • Products and their specifications
    • Which retailers offers a product, for which price, shipping costs and with which availability
    • Who currently has the Amazon buybox on a given product
    • Marketplace search results like which products rank first, second and third for a search for “fidget spinner” on Google Shopping UK
    • What are the best selling products in Amazon’s category for mobile data cables

    And much, much more.

  • Data sources

  • Clock

  • How current is the data Price API gives you?

    Price API can start collecting the data you need whenever you need it. Instead of building up a curated database on our end that may not meet your use case’s special needs, we have invested in a technology that can collect vast amounts of information right when you request it.

    So if you want to reprice your top lead products every fifteen minutes, Price API can give you a fresh overview of your competitors prices every fifteen minutes. Just like that.

  • From where does Price API collect data?

    Price API connects to selected data sources around the world. We currently support over a hundred data sources in over 30 countries. Our strategy is to gain coverage fast, by accessing data from not only the biggest retailers, but also aggregators like price comparison sites and marketplaces. That’s likely where your customers will compare prices, so this is also the ideal source for your competitive pricing.

  • International data sources

What do you need the data for?

  • Data-driven use cases

  • Price API supports a vast range of data-driven use cases for hundreds of customers. We’re amazed by the creativity of our customers. Use cases include:

    What will you create with Price API?