On this site you will find answers to frequently asked questions concerning general, technical, and commercial topics.


  • General questions

    Questions concerning general topics like an overview of Price API and what it can do for you

  • Technical questions

    Answers to all technical questions, like how to use it as well as topics regarding data and features

  • Commercial questions

    Questions regarding the free trial, compensation, payment and the credit system

General questions

What is Price API?

Price API collects publicly accessible data from big retailers, price comparison sites and marketplaces for you in real-time. For example competitor prices from Google Shopping or buy box information from Amazon.

You can use the data in Excel or feed it into your business logic automatically to create all sorts of competitive advantages. The most popular supported use case is competitive pricing.

Who could benefit from Price API?

Anyone who needs accurate e-commerce market data to make the right business decisions, especially in the pricing process, will be able to benefit from Price API. You could also be a pricing software provider who needs accurate real-time data.

Do I need a technical background to use Price API?

No. We do have a web app that you can use to download prices in different formats such as Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON. We do not offer ready-to-use plug-ins for shop softwares yet. You can use the results data in the format provided and then process the data the way you want (for example, in Excel). You can also program your own solutions based on the data that Price API provides.

If data only is not enough for you, and you are looking for a complete repricing solution, we would be very happy to introduce you to the repricing partners that are using our data. Just start a chat with us.

Which data sources do you provide?

We have a large number of data sources in 35 countries. We try to cover the biggest retailers, price comparison sites and marketplaces for each of those countries, such as Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, idealo.

Our team will gladly give you a current overview of available sources by country. Just get in contact.

How does Price API work?

You or one of your systems can request data from Price API, either over a web app or a technical interface.

How Price API works

Price API then visits the websites you requested the data from just like a human being — just much faster of course — and extracts the requested information in a format that you can use.

For more details, see How it works.

Technical questions

How do I use Price API?

To get started, please follow the Getting Started Guide in our comprehensive documentation.

If you are looking to integrate the API programmatically, please see our API reference.

How current is the data you provide?

The moment you request the data, our scrapers start collecting it from the respective website. You can also have cached data, which is cheaper. You can choose to have real-time or cached data, depending on what you want.

How often can I request price updates?

As often as you want to, because we support real-time data. Depending on how many products you request and how fast we can collect the data, up to four times per hour should be feasible.

Commercial questions

Is there a free trial to test Price API?

Yes, you are welcome to register for a Free Trial. In your Free Trial, you can use 1,000 free credits to test Price API in order to look up prices & products.

If you are looking to integrate the API programmatically, please see our API reference.

What are credits?

Credits are units that we use to measure your usage of Price API. One credit gives you one simple request for one product at one time from one data source.

The more data you request, the more credits you spend. The system is fairly straightforward. Please see details about credits in our documentation.

Do I need a credit card for the free trial?

No, you don't need a credit card for the free trial.

What does Price API cost?

Price API has a subscription model. You can book different plans that include a certain amount of credits per month for a certain price. For details, please see our documentation or talk to one of our sales representatives.

Can I speak to someone for consultation?

Absolutely. Please don’t hesitate to initiate a chat with us to discuss your needs or set up a call.